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We started our journey long before the creation of Event It Now! Over the years we have been acquiring training and, above all, the experience necessary to start and manage this project.
We started to write the story of Event It Now with the provision of the first service in 2015.

Leaf Pattern Design
It's been a super exciting journey and the feedbacks fuel our motivation...
... are many! These bring us special memories.

The cube was a success and the event was fantastic! It was really a great option, thanks for your service!

This new experience with virtual events was much more than a great surprise

Super professionals! Quick responses to contact. At the agreed time, everything was there! The guests loved it, it was one of the best 'investments' we made.

The show with Video Mapping is really spectacular!
An excellent suggestion to combine video mapping with stage performance.

António Bettencourt
Pedro Bruno
Margarida Almeida
Carla Perri
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